Keep your tissues out! Pollen count remains high in Central Florida

Talk about a pollen punch in the face!

Local pollen continues its assault on Central Florida. Many people are suffering right now and unfortunately, it doesn't look like any relief is in sight.

The main offenders currently are bayberry, grasses, and oak -- Central Florida has so many plants and trees blossoming right now!

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This is a typical Spring season pattern that will continue for the next several days. The good news is that the local oak trees have not only dumped their leaves but, the pollen sacks that are littering our sidewalks are also starting to subside.

Our pollen level counter in the FOX 35 Storm Center is still showing elevated numbers, so have those tissues and any medications handy to combat the pollen surge.

Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, local pollen levels will stabilize and bring relief.

The latest forecast models are indicating southerly wind flow and dry conditions through late-week. This means no rain to temporarily cleanse the local air of the excess pollen. It also means high temperatures, heading for the 90s inland and 80s along the coastal areas.

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