NHC monitoring 3 tropical waves in Atlantic as Beryl soaks Texas

The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on three tropical waves in the Atlantic Ocean. 

A tropical wave is an area of low pressure that moves east to west across the tropics, according to the National Weather Service. 

Here's a look at where the tropical waves are, according to the NHC's Atlantic Tropical Weather Discussion:

  • A tropical wave located northwest of the Cape Verde Islands off the western coast of Africa is moving west at about 11-17 mph
  • A tropical wave located northeast of the Leeward Islands is moving west at about 11-17 mph
  • A tropical wave extended north of the Yucatán Peninsula is moving west at about 11 mph

Satellite view of Atlantic Ocean on July 8, 2024. (Photo: NOAA)

As of Monday morning, tropical cyclone formation in the Atlantic is not expected in the next week, according to forecasters. 

Hurricane Beryl makes landfall in Texas: Will Florida see any indirect impacts?

The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor Beryl, which made landfall in Matagorda, Texas, early Monday morning as a Category 1 hurricane storm. It has weakened to a tropical storm and is expected to become a tropical depression on Tuesday as it moves over eastern Texas and into the lower Mississippi and Ohio valleys later this week.