Invest 95L: Forecasters increase potential for development of eastern Atlantic tropical wave

An area of interest, designated Invest 95L, in the Atlantic Ocean, now has a medium-high chance of development this weekend. 

The Lesser Antilles could experience a tropical storm or low-end hurricane late Sunday into Monday. Formation chances now stand at 60% over the next seven days. Historically, hurricanes in the Caribbean during July are rare. However, an unusually favorable window for tropical development appears to be emerging next week.

The potential intensity of this system remains uncertain. It could become a tropical storm and dissipate or develop into a more significant event. At present, there is no direct threat to the United States, and no immediate action is required, but we need to stay vigilant.

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"Whether the system only remains a tropical storm and then falls apart or becomes something bigger remains to be determined," said FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Noah Bergren. "That said, this will be something we must watch closely heading into the Fourth of July weekend."

Long-range models indicate that this system could drift towards the Gulf of Mexico in about 8 to 9 days. It is still unknown whether it enters the Gulf or curves out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The National Hurricane Center is also monitoring another tropical wave south of Hispaniola in the Caribbean that could show signs of development.

Forecasters said it's producing disorganized showers as it moves west at about 25 mph. Environmental conditions in the area may make the disturbance easier to develop, but there's a 20% chance of that happening over the next seven days.

The next names on the storm list are "Beryl" and "Chris."