Mercury transit viewing this Monday

On Monday, Veterans Day, the smallest planet in our solar system will cross in front of the sun during the morning and early afternoon.  The next time this will occur will be in 2032.  This "transit" is similar to a solar eclipse, except it involves Mercury.  Mercury will be seen as a little black dot slowly moving across the sun from left to right. 

LINK: This link will give you a test set, or example, courtesy of NASA: 131 - Test Set  

The weather is shaping up to be good for viewing.  The only problem is that you will need a pair of binoculars or telescope with a solar filter to view.  Do not stare at the sun without the aid of a solar filter.  The transit will begin at 7:35 am and will end at 1:04 pm on Monday.  Mercury and Venus are the only two planets that can pass in front of the sun because their orbits are between the sun and the earths's orbit.

A full moon will occur on Tuesday, November 12, and the Leonids meteor shower will take place on November 17, 18.  Take time to look up, there is always a lot going on up there.