80s in December: Central Florida experiences above-normal temperatures for this time of year

Central Florida is experiencing warmer temperatures than the region normally does during this time of year.

Just over two weeks away from Christmas, Central Florida is experiencing highs in the 80s. FOX 35 meteorologist Kristin Giannas says highs during this time are usually near 74, so the temperatures are above normal. Temperatures on Monday will reach highs near 84, with highs on Tuesday going even higher, nearing 87.

FOX 35 meteorologist Brooks Tomlin says that there are no significant cold fronts forecasted to pass through Central Florida through Saturday either, so the week will be warm. Temperatures will drop just a little during the weekend, with highs in the mid-70s.

Monday is forecasted to have clear skies, as clouds stay away. There will be an increase in cloud cover and rain chances starting Tuesday though, bringing rain to Central Florida through at least Friday or Saturday.

GFS models currently show a warm lead-up to Christmas, with temperatures expected to be in the mid to upper 70s just two days before Christmas. Orlando's normal high temperature on Christmas Day is 72 degrees.  However, in 1983, our high temperature was only 33 degrees, and only 6 years later our Christmas Day high temperature was 49 degrees. It is too early to tell if this forecast will stick though.

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