'Power to the people': Floyd's brother talks at NYC memorial

Of the demonstrations that have engulfed the city and the nation, and the violence that has taken place, he said, “I’m proud of the protests but I'm not proud of the destruction. My brother wasn’t about that. The Floyds are a God-fearing family.”

Cop in George Floyd case got medals for valor and drew complaints

The Minneapolis police officer who used his knee to pin down George Floyd’s neck before his death was the most experienced of the four officers involved in the arrest, with a record that included medals for bravery and 17 complaints against him, including one for pulling a woman out of her car during a speeding stop.

Family of George Floyd visits site of his death, memorial in Minneapolis

The family of George Floyd visited Minneapolis Wednesday to see the intersection where he was pinned to the ground by police. Family members - including Floyd's son, Quincy - were accompanied by their lawyer, Benjamin Crump, as they saw for the first time the memorial that has been set up at 38th and Chicago Avenue.