Wrestling 'superfan' builds growing collection of memorabilia

Millions of people across the country tune in to FOX 35 on Fridays to see wrestling's finest go head-to-head on "WWE SmackDown." But it's hard to believe anyone can live up to one Florida fan's collection of memorabilia.

Dominic Ciarcia collects all things wrestling while getting some of those items signed by the stars themselves. He tells us he only took the deep dive into collecting a few years ago, but he's been into the sport since day one. We caught up with him when he drove in the last time wrestling was in Orlando.

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"Yea I've been a wrestling fan my whole life pretty much," said Ciarcia, a wrestling superfan. "I get photos, pop Funkos, ya know whatever – flags, jerseys, whatever they have."

So far, he said he has collected autographs from as many as a hundred different wrestlers.