Super Bowl commercials 2023: Here's every one that aired during Super Bowl LVII

Whether you're a die-hard football fan, a bandwagon fan, or watched for Rihanna's halftime show, Super Bowl LVII was full of memorable moments.

One of those moments – or repeat moments – is of course, the Super Bowl commercials. We'll let you decide which ones were the best, worst, funniest, most emotional, most nostalgic, inspiring, or downright missed the mark.

If you missed them the first time – we get it, chips and wings, and bathroom breaks are important too -- here are some of the commercials being talked about the day after Super Bowl LVII (in addition to Rihanna's now-confirmed pregnancy announcement).

Dunkin's ‘Drive-Thru’ starring Ben Affleck

Tubi Interface Interruption Super Bowl commercial

General Motors and Netflix - Why not an EV?

Disney's 100th Anniversary Celebration

Bud Light Hold starring Miles Teller starring Melissa McCarthy

Squarespace starring Adam Driver

Pepsi Zero Sugar starring Steve Martin

T-Mobile starring Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John Travolta

PopCorners ‘Breaking Bad’-inspired Super Bowl commercial starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Raymond Cruz

Rakuten's ‘Clueless’-inspired Super Bowl commercial

He Gets Us Super Bowl commercial

Kia's Binky Dad Super Bowl commercial

Ram's ‘Premature Electrification’ Super Bowl commercial

E*Trade's talking babies Super Bowl commercial

Jeep's ‘Electric Boogie’ Super Bowl commercial

The Farmer's Dog ‘Forever’ Super Bowl commercial

Sketcher's Slip-Ins Super Bowl commercial with Snoop Dogg

FanDuel's Super Bowl commercial with Rob Gronkowski

Amazon's Saving Sawyer Super Bowl commercial