Restaurateur retiring - Marshawn Lynch taking over

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The long-time owner of a popular soul-food restaurant in Emeryville is planning to call it quits. But the new owner taking over is one of the newest members of the Oakland Raiders. 

Cassie Nickelson may be the owner of Scend's Restaurant and Bar, but she does it all, whether it's taking orders, greeting customers or bussing tables. 

"This is almost like 'Cheers'. Everybody knows your name, you know? But she's been one of the best around for a long time," said David Lee, a customer. 

But Nickelson is turning 80 next year and she'll be retiring in August.  

"Sometimes I feel like I'm in my 50s and sometimes the pain hits me like I'm 90," Nickelson told KTVU. "I really hate to go, but I have to." 

By late August, her beloved soul-food restaurant, will have a new owner, none other than 'Beast Mode' Marshawn Lynch. 

"I'm comfortable with him and I like him," Nickelson said. 

It turns out the two have history with one another from when she was catering out of her Oakland apartment.

"When he was 9-years-old, he came across the street to get a hamburger and French fries. 25-cent French fries and a 75-cent hamburger," Nickelson said. 

She's turning over her liquor and building next month. The menu might stay the same, but there might be some changes in store. 

"I'm getting goose bumps. She'll still be around. She's been like all of our mother. Her heart and the way that she gives back and people don't even know that she gives back. It's just amazing," says Shawny Capla a manager at the restaurant. 

The restaurant sits at San Pablo Avenue at the Oakland-Emeryville city line. Scend's is an acronym of the names of her children and grandchildren. One of her sons cooks in the kitchen. 

For the customers, it's all about the good food. There's fried chicken, prawns, Tilapia, red beans and plenty of sides. 

"Now food is number one," said customer Lucille Cole, a former Oakland resident who now lives in Anchorage. "I mean, you have never seen such big chicken wings. You don't get a small chicken wing. It's humongous," said customer Lucille Cole.  

Customer Della Brock said, "First time here, and I will be back here again. I'll be here tomorrow, but I'll be here Saturday for sure for the celebration."

That celebration honoring Nickelson will be at 7 p.m. Saturday at the restaurant.