Orlando Magic Forward Jonathan Isaac reveals he hasn't gotten vaccinated

With 90% of NBA players fully vaccinated, there’s still a small number holding out.

Orlando Magic Forward Jonathan Isaac revealed in a Rolling Stone article that he hasn’t gotten the shot and doesn’t plan on it.

NBA fans weighed in.

"If he doesn’t want to get vaccinated, then the things that he can’t be doing if he’s not vaccinated then he’s going to have to take those consequences," Chanel Bridgelel said.

The NBA isn’t requiring players to get the COVID vaccine, but they are pushing for it.

Unvaccinated players will have lockers far away from vaccinated players.

They’ll also be forced to eat, fly and ride buses in different sections than their vaccinated teammates, according to ESPN.

"I feel that they should want to be vaccinated if they want to play and not put the other players at risk," Felicia Wigfall said.

Isaac tweeted on Sunday saying, in part, that he believes it is "your God given right" to decide if taking the vaccine is right.

Some agree.

"I’m vaccinated, but I feel like people should have their own right if they want to get vaccinated or not. Everyone can be a governor of their own body," Bridgelel said.

While others wish Isaac would have a change of heart.

"If you care about the people you play with then that’s something you should be able to be OK with," Janice Johnson said.

Indoor sports teams in New York City and San Francisco are required to be mandated.

At this point, Isaac would not be able to play away games against the Knicks, Nets or Warriors.