Orlando City Lake Nona soccer player returns to the field after painful injury

Orlando City Lake Nona soccer player, Abby Isham made her return to the pitch after nearly two years away.

"I played one season injured. I played like the whole season just having that pain. And then at the end of the season, we got it checked out and that’s when we found I had hip dysplasia," Isham said.

Isham had dysplasia in both hips.

According to the Mayo Clinic, hop dysplasia is when the hip socket doesn’t fully cover all portions of the upper thigh bone. Which can cause the hip to be dislocated.

Isham underwent four surgeries over a two-year span to fox this and an ACL injury,

"Having that support from my teammates just means so much to me. If I were to just sit and home and not do anything, it would’ve taken so much longer." Isham said.

Over the weekend, Isham not only played for the first time in two years, she also scored a goal as her team went on to beat Miami Strikers FC 6-0 at the Disney Labor Day Soccer Tournament.

"It’s extremely rewarding to watch her just never quit. She wants to play college soccer." head coach Sara Morton said.

Isham’s road to recovery wasn’t always easy.

But she kept her spirits high, supporting her teammates and believing she’d eventually get back to playing.

"This girl has traveled to Cincinnati knowing she was going to sit the bench because she was injured to be there with her team," Morton said. "They’ve come around and supported her and just really lifted her up."