Olympia basketball star paving different path than famous father, Edgerrin James

If you're a big football fan, you probably know the name Edgerrin James. 

He's a pro football hall of fame running back, and one of the best to ever play at Miami. 

His son, Edgerrin "Jizzle" James Jr., is a star in his own right – but on the hardwood.  

"I used to play both sports. But I eventually chose basketball because I just wanted to go down my own path,"Jizzle said. 

Jizzle is one of the top basketball players in Florida.

He's Olympia's leading scorer, and he's heading to Cincinnati next year, where he'll play for the Bearcats.   

"He wanted one son to play football and one to play basketball. So, I’m glad I took basketball," Jizzle said. 

Having a famous father comes with a lot of pressure and plenty of pride.

"The legacy that the family has in sports has really inspired him to want to be someone special. Even though it’s a different sport," Olympia head basketball coach, Rob Gordon said. 

At 6-foot-2, 190 pounds or so, Jizzle has an explosiveness on the court that sets him apart from others players. 

But it's really the lessons learned from his father that gives him an edge. 

"Really just staying focused and staying consistent. If you want to be a star you’ve got to be it. So you’ve got to do what it takes really. Just really doing what it takes to be great," Jizzle said.