Orlando's Hula Bowl will feature first all-female officiating crew

Saturday's Hula Bowl at the University of Central Florida’s FBC Mortgage Stadium in Orlando, Florida, will feature college football's first-ever all-female officiating crew. 

This isn't a moment lost on the women.

"This is amazing. I’m just speaking for all the young ladies, this is something that’s historic for us," Sarah Fleming said.

Sarah Fleming is one of eight women officiating the game. Although these ladies have years of experience, when they step on the field, it will be extra special.  

"It’s just a great experience to come down here to the Hula Bowl and to be with a bunch of other exceptional women… to really embrace this moment. This should not be the exception but the norm," Amanda Sauer said.

"This is something I’ve never done before. Of course, I have them [nerves]. At this time I don’t, but I know I will. But that would be good nerves," Fleming said.

They have been reviewing a lot of films and going back over the rules to make sure they are sharp, come game time. There may be some focus on this historic officiating crew, but these women are just doing their job. 

"There’s people that came before us. So I say those are people that crawled for us to walk… now we’re just continuing it for the next people who come up behind us," Krystle Apellaniz said. 

Several UCF players and one Bethune-Cookman player will get to compete in front of scouts. Kickoff for the 77th annual Hula Bowl game is at noon.