Cedar Hill softball player has amazing bat trick

A softball player from the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill is an internet star thanks to her amazing skills.

Marisa Arriaga posted video of her bat trick on Vine over the weekend and it was instantly successful. Her video has been viewed more than 14 million times.

The Cedar Hill High School player juggles a bat, knocks a ball off a tee with her foot and then slugs it before it hits the ground.

"I just started messing around,” said Arriaga. “I'm like, ‘I'm gonna make a bat trick video.’ So I got my sister out here and she was recording me.”

The timing of her newfound fame is odd, considering the now widely shared video was shot back in June.

It only recently made its way to ESPN, and when it did, her friends were blowing up her phone.

LaTisha Griffin, Arriaga’s softball coach, says Arriaga has crazy good skills.

"The finish is something she does all the time in the game, sending the ball a yard or going outfield with the ball with that complete swing through the zone, that's something she does all the time,” said Griffin.

Arriaga, a 2017 graduate, said she is not committed to any college yet.