Bucs will try to rebound after first loss Sunday

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The expressions on their faces after a loss only told part of the story. On the inside, the Buccaneers were already analyzing what happened.

"I think I learn something from every game," said quarterback Jameis Winston. "My main thing is, after every game, is eliminating the negatives and building on the positives."

Last week's performance in Arizona was humbling, and nobody has been harder on themselves than coaches and players inside the Bucs locker room.

"Obviously we made a lot of mistakes," said center Joe Hawley. "We can learn from those and when you lose, it's usually because you made mistakes. It didn't feel like we got beat down, it was more mistakes being made. There's definitely things to learn from and get better from this week. But, yeah, we definitely learned a lot from last week."

Teams are scrutinized each and every week. Without humility, the highs and lows of wins and losses can be dramatic. Amidst the outside chaos, Winston said he uses the "snap and clear" method he learned from quarterbacks coach, Mike Bajakian, to re-center himself ahead of the next task at hand.

"I already snapped it, and it happened, and now I'm just clear of it," said Winston. "We're looking forward to this game and starting off in Raymond James and getting us a win."

Across the league, teams consider the NFL a week-to-week league. After each game, they examine what went right and what went wrong. But after a loss, they take the analyzing to the next level.

"You know when you win, every thing is good," said tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. "People don't look at it as hard, that's the truth of it. When you lose, you learn a lot of different things and you're going to be coached a little harder and you get better. That's the great thing about the league, you've got 14 opportunities and nothing is more important than the opportunity we have this week."

It's the Bucs first chance to show the home crowd that one loss won't define the weeks ahead.