Would-be burglars try to break into Daytona Beach spy shop, but can't

They swung at it side-armed, overhand, even walked away and came back for more, but a pair of would-be burglars had no luck getting through the front glass to break into the Daytona Spy Shop.

According to Daytona Beach police, the burglary attempt happened at about 1 a.m. on Sunday at the shop on Ballough Street. 

Two people with their faces covered and hoodies on were caught on surveillance cameras driving up to the business in a silver Chevy Camaro and approaching the front door. 

One of the suspects then pulled a hammer and began hitting the front window repeatedly. 

Investigators counted 56 swings. However, the glass never broke.

Store co-owner Rick Raymond said he arrived Monday morning to find the window busted up, but still intact.

The glass is hurricane-proof. He made the investment to combat Florida’s weather, but it showed its strength during the burglary attempt.

"You can see almost all the different strikes and you can see an area here where the hammer hit it and almost burnt a scratch into the polymer,” Raymond said. “But, I can push this all day long and it's not going anywhere."

Raymond, who owns the shop with his wife and also runs a private investigation firm out of the building, said had the burglars actually made it through the glass and in to the store, they would have just given investigators more evidence.

Raymond said he’s turned surveillance video over to police in hopes of catching the suspects.

He also plans to invest in more of the hurricane glass to prevent anymore bold attempts on his business.