World's largest Tesla charging station coming to Florida's Turnpike

Soon, Tesla drivers who want to drive from Central Florida to South Florida will have an option to stop and charge. Tesla is planning to build a massive supercharger site along Florida's Turnpike in Osceola County.

The site is expected to be the world’s largest. 

GPD group, an engineering company, released a rendering of the project. Tesla will build 200 stalls at exit 193 – aka the Yeehaw Junction exit.

"That just shows you the number of (electric vehicles) that are going to be around, that people are driving," says Shav, a Tesla driver.

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Right now, there are only seven Tesla supercharging plazas with 64 charging stations along the turnpike. These new stalls wouldn’t just benefit Tesla drivers. 

Recently, Tesla started rolling out "Supercharger access" to other E-V brands like Ford and Rivian.

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"I think it’s showing the world that we are taking the next step forward with new vehicles," said Chris Nelson, a Tesla driver.