Woman suffers severe burns after hair catches fire as she was blowing out a candle


A British woman is warning others to be diligent around open flames after she was severely burned when attempting to blow out a candle.

Earlier this month, Emily Fairbrass, 25, of Kent, told SWNS, a British news agency, that her long blonde locks caught fire when she leaned over a candle to blow out the flame. The fire quickly spread across her head, face and neck as she rushed to the bathroom to put the flames out. She then went to her neighbor’s home for additional assistance. Emergency officials were called.

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"All of a sudden I was surrounded by firefighters and ambulances,” she recalled. “I can honestly say my neighbors Janice and John saved my life. I have sent them flowers and chocolates, but words cannot say how much I owe to them. I cannot thank them enough.”

“I just kept shouting, ‘My hair! My hair!’ I had lovely long blonde hair. It is the only real thing I like about myself,” she added. "It all happened so quickly. I never knew something like blowing out a small candle in my dining room could result in this.”


Fairbrass was taken to a local hospital, where she was treated for second and third-degree burns across her face, neck, and head. She remained hospitalized for four days before she was discharged.

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The veterinary nurse, who noted she’s not afraid to light candles in the future, said she hopes her story will help prevent a similar incident from happening to someone else.


"If you are going to have candles then be very cautious where you put them and just be cautious,” she said. "If I can stop this happening to someone else then that will be amazing."