Woman opens fire at DMV because the line was too long, police say

Police say a woman upset about the line at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Kansas City went outside and fired a gun after being asked to leave.

Officer Darin Snapp says no one was injured. He says around 11:20 a.m. Tuesday the woman announced that the “wait time is ridiculous.”

Snapp says staff asked her to leave because she was being “loud and obnoxious.” He says the woman then said she was going to get a gun.

Patricia Zick, who was inside the DMV, told the Kansas City Star that the woman claimed she needed to be served immediately because "the president's security was in danger."

"Something was wrong, I don't know what it is—drugs, mental or whatever," Zick told the Kansas City Star.

Zick said she went outside to get the woman's license plate number. That's when the woman allegedly pulled out a gun and fired into the air.

"That's when we all ran," Zick said.

An off-duty officer who heard a gunshot approached the woman and ordered her to put the gun down.

The woman was jailed but no charges were immediately filed. According to KQ2, the woman has been identified 34-year-old Vanessa Richey.

Snapp says: “She just wasn’t very happy about the wait at the DMV.”