Woman finds $4K in book, tracks down owner and returns money

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A book sale volunteer discovered a real treasure inside a hollowed out book and tracked down the man who donated the book so she could return the money.

Cathy McAllister says she was sorting books when she picked up an old copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire."

When she opened the cover, she says she was surprised to see that a space had been hollowed out in the book, and inside that space was a stack of money.

She says at first she thought it was Monopoly money, but after closer examination, the money was in fact real!

There were four packets of new $100 bills totaling $4,000 and fortunately, the owner of the book had placed an address label inside the cover.

After speaking to the man's daughter over the phone, Cathy met the man and returned the money.