Woman files lawsuit after Orange County deputies shatter car window

A woman has filed a lawsuit against two Orange County deputies after a body camera video showed them asking her to exit her vehicle and then shattering her car window with a baton in the summer of 2020.

Khadija Bezzaz has filed a federal lawsuit against Orange County Sheriff's Deputies Christopher Moore and Michael Fuller. She claims that they unlawfully detained her, used excessive force, and battered her, violating her constitutional rights.

Bezzaz was initially stopped because the deputies said that they saw her vehicle on Curry Ford Road. After a quick back-and-forth, in which she was asked why she had to get out of her car, Moore pulled out his baton and hit her driver's side window, shattering it. He then reportedly pulled her from the vehicle and handcuffed her.

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The lawsuit claims that Bezzazz suffered and will continue to in the future, as physical inconvenience, physical scarring, medical expenses, emotional damage, damage to her reputation, and expenses incurred as a result of unlawful detainment. 

After a cell phone video of the incident sparked public fury, Orange County Sheriff John Mina called the incident "very troubling."

However, an internal review found the deputies acted appropriately. 

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