Woman facing child abuse charge after slumber party

A Lady Lake woman is facing child abuse charges after deputies say she hit kids who were staying at her home for a sleepover.

One mother, who asked us not to name her in this report, says her two kids – 7 and 12 years old – were victims.

“My daughter’s got scratches on both of her arms from the metal spoon. My son’s got welts on his legs and on his behind. His whole back end is black and blue,” the woman said. “My son came running home to my mother and told her what was going on and called the police.”

Deputies say 29-year-old Erin Pierce got physical with five kids who were at her house.

According to an arrest report, one child says she hit them with a belt, a metal spoon and shoes.

“What was really disturbing was in one case – I guess one of the children tried to leave and she held her down and wouldn’t let her leave and that’s why the additional charge of false imprisonment kicked in,” said Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Fred Jones.

Investigators say Pierce admitted that she “popped” one child with a belt. She claimed he gave her the middle finger.

Deputies also say they think Pierce was drinking.

“It’s sad when you have alcohol come into the mix of someone who’s responsible for taking care of these kids. You’re the person these kids should go to and say, ‘this is what I need.’ Now, you’re the reasons they’re victims,” Jones said.

Pierce was locked up and charged with five counts of child abuse. A lot of parents were left seeing red after that night – saying she had no right to touch their kids.

“I’m mad. I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand why,” the Lake County mom said.

The News Station was unable to reach Pierce for comment.