Woman desperate to find missing service dog

A woman from Marion County is asking for your help. Her service dog is missing, and when we showed up to meet 62-year-old Marlene Rose in the small, rural  Marion County town of Anthony, she immediately became emotional.  She said with her voice cracking, "He's the one that let people know I was sick.  He saved my life and more."   

The beloved dog Marlene is talking about is Sportster, a six pound, 11-year-old Chihuahua, a dog that Marlene has had practically its whole life, and a dog that has come to serve as Marlene's protector.  She's not married and has no children, so Sportster is her world.  She said, "He's lets people know when I'm going to have a seizure."   

Last October, Marlene tripped and a piece of iron impaled her skull.  You can see the indentation on the side of her head.  She suffered a traumatic brain injury, had to undergo surgery, and after five days in an induced coma, she said Sportster got her through it all and he still does.  She now suffers from seizures. 

That's why in early August, when Sportster ran out the door and never returned, Marlene's world crumbled a bit.  A neighbor saw Sportster run 200 yards down the road and down an embankment, over the gate and into a field.  That's the last anyone has seen if the little dog.

"If you have him, or know who does, please just return him, no questions asked," Marlene said. "I just want him returned to where he belongs."  

If you know anything, email me at tracy.jacim@foxtv.com.