Woman dead, man shot in foot at Apopka home

The Apopka neighborhood near Gina Court was filled with deputies on Friday. Some of the streets were closed off and deputies were going door to door. Sheriff Dennis Lemma was at the scene all day.

Sheriff Lemma said, "We have folks from our domestic security division digging into the past of the victims."

The sheriff saying a man who used to live at a home on Gina Court was returning a key to the woman who lives at the home currently.

When he walked in the door he said he was shot in the foot.

Sheriff Lemma said, "His account of the story is that there was at least 1, possibly two people that came into the house . He describes as one female wearing jeans and a black hoodie. He feels they exited out the back or someone toward the back of the residents."

Neighbors say they saw a silver or white sedan parked outside at the time of the shooting.

When deputies showed up they found the woman who lives here dead in a back bedroom.

Deputies aren't saying how she died but they do suspect foul play.