Woman accused of stealing more than $10,000 from Boys Scout Eurotrip fundraiser

"The truth will come out and that’s all I have to say."

Robin DeRushie didn’t have much to say when FOX 35 News stopped by her home Wednesday. She has been charged with grand theft after deputies said she stole thousands from Boy Scouts Troop 355 in Cocoa.

"I think she’s going to regret saying that because the truth is in the Scout’s favor."

DeRushie, 44, was overseeing the fundraiser they organized for a trip to Europe for the boys. 

"For somebody that’s been involved in scouting, to then go and take money from youth in our own community, it was just astonishing," said one parent involved in the organization.

COVID and travel restrictions delayed and ultimately canceled the trip, but when parents asked for the money back, it was nowhere to be found. "Nothing, no ledgers, no records of who’s paid what. Nothing."

That’s when they dug a little deeper, finding discrepancies in the books and calling the Sheriff’s Office, who did an audit. Deputies say DeRushie stole the money and used it to go on a cruise and pay for passports and her mother’s credit cards. 

"When we found out it was cruises and other just stuff, it just oh no, we can’t. That’s not fair to the kids," said Dan Goldblatt, a parent and Cubmaster.

Parents who know her say she’s changed in recent years, but they still never expected this. "I’m still processing what could we have done. How could we have done things different?"

"You don’t want to believe that someone among you would go down that road." 

Boy Scout leaders are still trying to make the trip happen. You can donate to their Go Fund Me page here. 

DeRushie is free on bond and no longer involved in the organization.