Woman accused of stealing from Little League

Clermont Police say Leia Drew stole more than $20,000 from South Lake Little League when she was the group’s secretary.

Drew turned herself in to the Lake County jail on Tuesday. Police say it all came out at a little league board meeting last year, when members noticed the cash was missing.

“When the board asked where the money went, the president looked into it and found it was his wife that had been using the card inappropriately and he presented that to the board, at which point the board voted them off and filed a police report with us,” explained Sgt. Shane Strickland, with the Clermont Police.

At the time, Drew was the board president's wife and the league's secretary. Police say their investigation started in June, 2018.

“The board for South Lake Little League contacted us about some missing funds and some other stuff, including a computer that had been wiped clean and the loss of financial records,” Strickland said.

The police report lists dozens of small purchases drew allegedly made at convenience stores, gas stations, office supply stores, and Walmart; shopping that added-up to more than $20,000.

Little league officials said in a statement that they would continue working with Clermont Police on their investigation.