Wizard of Oz Museum relocating from Space Coast to Osceola County

The Wizard of Oz Museum is set to move from Brevard County to Osceola County, bringing its unique charm closer to the Orlando area.

Originally a hidden gem along Florida’s Space Coast, the museum opened two years ago and has since captivated visitors with its extensive memorabilia collection. Owner Fred Trust believes the move is necessary for expansion. 

"We need to have room to grow," Trust said. "Still being close enough to Disney, and people will feel like they can drive and get there in 20 minutes."

The museum has acquired four acres of land along U.S. Highway 192, significantly upgrading from its current 4,500-square-foot space in a strip mall. Trust emphasized the need for more space to display their extensive collection, including a large Dorothy house designed for children. 


"We have way more memorabilia to display and provide this unique experience," he explained.

Although building the new facility will take time, Trust is confident the move will attract a larger audience. 

The museum's relocation promises to draw visitors from near and far, following the yellow brick road to its new home in Osceola County. 

"We have visitors not only from the United States but from all over the world on a daily basis," Trust said.

Trust said the museum will likely take about 18 months to open in Kissimmee. However, the Cape Canaveral location will stay open while they work on building the new location.