Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival celebrates its 63rd year

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is celebrating its 63rd year.

Organizers say close to 900 artists from around the world applied for this year’s event. 

Stefan and Yvonne Miller are artist selected to have their work displayed. "This means a lot to us because this is how we make our living. So if you get into a show like this, this is amazing!  It’s a good feeling," said Stefan.

"Yesterday was amazing! We sold our biggest piece ever! That was really exciting," added Yvonne.

There’s a variety of art including photography, sculptures, and paintings. Every year gets more prestigious as it grows.

"It is so big! I never remember it being so big. I'll never get through it. I should have started yesterday," said art lover Janice Sylvester.

Organizers say they expect 300,000 visitors at the festival every year.

An all-volunteer board puts the three-day event together. It ends Sunday at 5 p.m.