Winter Park Police investigates cat poisoning report; neighbors say several animals have died

Posters all over Carver Street in Winter Park are warning people about animals being poisoned. Neighbors tell FOX 35 News several cats have recently died. 

"She came to us, and we fell in love with her," Hermann Moscoso said about his kitten, Tita.  

He said the 10-month-old cat recently got sick and stopped eating. Moscoso said when he took the indoor-outdoor cat to the vet, he got some alarming news. 

"The doctor told us that her kidneys were completely destroyed by some substance that we don’t know yet," Moscoso explained. 

Moscoso, along with several other neighbors, believes the community’s cats are being poisoned. They said Tita and at least six feral cats have died. 

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FOX 35 News was there as Orange County Animal Services picked up a sick cat Thursday afternoon. 

Winter Park Police said their officers and Animal Services are actively investigating a complaint of alleged cat poisoning. In the meantime, neighbors are putting up the flyers as a warning. 

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"We’re a very tight community…we all have cats," Moscoso said. 

While some residents wait for word on the police investigation, others said they think this whole thing has gone too far.  


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"I don’t believe there’s anyone out here maliciously killing cats. I don’t understand that," Chaundra Thomas said. 

Orange County court records show that one person on the block was just cited for "depositing a poisonous substance." He was issued an $84 fine. As of now, no criminal charges have been filed. 

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