Winter Garden family says their daughter's support dog is back home

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It was a tough Thanksgiving for the Bellhouse family.   

Gracie, 7, hasn’t stopped crying since they discovered that her 2-year-old emotional support dog, Puplo, went missing.  

“She woke up multiple times through the night just crying for him. She slept in bed with us,” said Cheryl Bellhouse.  

But on Sunday, the family told The News Station that their beloved dog is back home.

Bellhouse said a man and his wife saw all of the coverage about Puplo on the news and began looking for the dog's rightful owner.

She said the man was working in the area and saw the dog, so he picked him up and took him home.

Earlier this week, the family walked Fox 35's Holly Bristow around their yard where Puplo escaped.

“You can see when the gate is closed, this tiny little hole right here. That's how tiny he is. He's only 3.5 pounds,” said Bellhouse.  

The family and neighbors searched all over their Winter Garden neighborhood Wednesday afternoon for the teacup Chihuahua.  

After hours of searching, the family checked their security camera only to realize Puplo wasn't lost.

“Running around the front yard playing for a minute, going across the street right there in the corner. You see the dog run to the truck, or van, and a couple minutes later they're gone,” said Bellhouse. 

“I was in shock. Immediately, that's when I started crying,” she said.

The family never imagined while playing in their backyard, he’d dig a hole, get loose and be picked up by a stranger. 

Now, Gracie has her furry friend back.