Williamson County Deputies play Santa

In Williamson County, it pays to be on the nice list. Deputies are rewarding drivers with gift cards. FOX 7 rode along Tuesday as some upstanding citizens were given an early Christmas present.

It's that awful moment when an officer makes a U-turn. You just know you're in trouble. At least that's what this driver thought.

Deputy Antonio Lovato: "How are you doing bud? I'm Deputy Lovato with the sheriff's office. I wanted to stop you because you were actually going the speed limit."

Jaeden Knight was stopped for doing the right thing. He was pretty shocked.

Knight: "You scared the crap out of me though. I was like 'oh crap.'"

Deputy: "You're alright man. What we're doing is giving drivers who are following the law and being safe a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart."

"My heart was beating. I'd never been pulled over before and this is kind of bad," said Knight.

Driver Heather Hays got the same surprise.

Deputy Lovato: "Hello ma'm."

Hays: "Hi."

Deputy: "I'm Deputy Lovato with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office. The reason I'm making contact with you is you were actually going the speed limit."

Hays: "Oh. Scared me!"

She too was rewarded with a gift card to Wal-Mart.

"It was a really nice holiday gift," said Hays.

The rewards kept coming. Deputy Antonio Lovato is one of several Williamson County deputies who are handing out gift cards. The cards are a surplus from the Brown Santa program which provides food and gifts to children in need.

"We like to give back to the community. To let them know we appreciate their donations to help other people in need," said Lovato. "What I get out of it personally, I'm a Christian and I like helping people. I have a lot of family that does missionary work. They go down to Mexico and build houses. Because of my job I'm not always able to make it out there. But with this, doing this type of stuff, it makes me feel good to get back to the community. To let them know we appreciate their support."

Deputies will be handing out the gift cards until the first of the year. So watch your speed and stay on the nice list. If you see red and blue, you may be in for some green.