Wife, friend arrested for 2017 murder of Buford man

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Authorities said 42-year-old Tia Young and family friend 38-year-old Harvey Timothy Lee have been holding a secret. That secret is part of what led investigators to the conclusion that both participated in the killing of 43-year-old George Young, Tia's husband.

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The security company executive was shot multiple times on the doorstep of his Buford home just before midnight last November.

“His key was actually in the door. He just didn’t turn it,” Jeremy Hoover, nephew of the victim, told FOX 5 at the time. “He worked about 60 to 80 hours a week. Had his own business. Just devastating to see someone do something like this to someone so genuine.”

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This week, the widow and Lee were arrested and charged with murder.

Gwinnett County Police did not divulge exactly what happened. They declined to answer questions about who fired the shots which struck Young. But almost from the start, Investigator David Smith said, both claimed to be inside the home when they heard shots and told inconsistencies during their interviews. Another telltale sign, according to Smith, was how the widow reacted showing little emotion following such a tragic event.

"Their initial stories began not to add up, which I found suspicious," Smith said.

So what was the secret? Police said Lee, who was a longtime friend and had been invited by Young to move into the home, but became involved with Young's wife. While the two remained in separate bedrooms, Smith said, the relationship continued right up until the time of the arrests.

According to police, the motive for the murder was to try and collect on a $1 million insurance policy. But Smith said he personally intervened. He called the insurance company and told them not to disburse the cash.

Both Lee and Young were charged with malice murder, felony murder, and aggravated assault. They are being held without bond.