Widow of Kissimmee police officer speaks at hearing for convicted killer

Everett Miller, the man convicted of killing two Kissimmee police officers, was back in court on Monday.

The widow of Officer Matthew Baxter gave emotional testimony about what it has been like over the last four years without her husband and the father of their four children.

Sadia Baxter struggled to hold back tears as she read what she prepared for the judge and Miller to hear.

Her husband was murdered while out on patrol four years ago.

"He was proud to be able to protect this community," Baxter said.

Now, she is left to raise their three young girls and stepdaughter.

"Their innocence has been taken from them," Baxter said. "Sariah, now 11; my stepdaughter, Isabella, now six; my daughter, Zarah now five; and my daughter, Sophia now four.

In 2017, their father was out on patrol and approached some men known for drug activity.

Sgt. Sam Howard was there as backup.

Evidence showed that Miller shot the two officers in the back of their heads, then flipped them over and posed them before shooting them in their faces.

"One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life is forgive someone who has not apologized, who is not sorry for their actions," Baxter said. "As a mother, I refuse and I will not raise my girls to harbor hate in their hearts."

Two years ago, a jury found Miller guilty and recommended the death penalty.

But now, the defense is arguing that Miller deserves life in prison instead.

"I have peace with the sentencing outcome your honor finds fit for Everett Miller," she said. "I trust the criminal justice system and know that justice will be served. After sentencing, I will have peace to close this chapter and continue to focus on raising amazing little girls."

Miller sat still during her testimony. 

His sentencing is expected to take place in a few weeks.

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