White Separatists protest in Dallas sparks confrontation

Police were on guard outside the Bank of America building in downtown Dallas as a small group of White Separatists held a demonstration that sparked a confrontation Sunday afternoon.

Wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts, people with the Aryan Renaissance Society say they drove from Houston to Dallas to pay their respects to fallen officers.

Another group also showed up, shouting, "All lives matter.”

The protest happened right next to El Centro College, which is still a crime scene from the Dallas shooting.

Police quickly moved in to keep things from getting out of hand.

"I'm sorry but the media is biased. And they're gonna paint us as haters and racists and all of that but that's not what this is all about.” said Scott Lacy with the Aryan Renaissance Society. “"We keep on being approached by these... people over here. And they keep on threatening us they've throwing rocks at us, and they've spit at us."

"You know, segregation isn't to save a person anymore,” said Brandon Williams who was with the opposing demonstrators. “It's the choice in your heart and that invisible line that's drawn."

Undercover officers eventually arrived and eased the situation. There were no arrests and the protesters moved on after about an hour.