Where is Sara Ebersole? One year since Florida woman mysteriously went missing, person of interest goes silent

It's been one year since Sara Ebersole mysteriously went missing from Marion County. 

The 26-year-old woman was last seen on March 2, 2023, when she was given a ride from a convenience store to a home located at 18080 North U.S. Highway 441 in Reddick. Ebersole was with James Robinson when the two were dropped off at his home. 

According to deputies, Ebersole spent some of the night with Robinson along with couple James Schaller and Teesha McDermitt, who lived next door. 

Marion County detective  Ryan Stith says sometime after midnight, Ebersole left the home with a man named Tyrone Morman. 

Initially, Morman said he never had any contact with Ebersole and was not in town when she disappeared - although witnesses said otherwise. 

Detective Stith said when he obtained a search warrant for Morman's phone, he said he had broken it. Another search warrant was obtained for Morman's home, and he eventually turned his phone over.  

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Morman was subsequently arrested for giving false information to officers.

During a search of Morman's phone, detectives found information suggesting Morman and Ebersole were at a 24-hour convenience store in the Northwest part of Marion County early March 3, 2023. 

Since Ebersole went missing, her sister, Michelle Tullis, has demanded more from the Marion County Sheriff's Office pleading with law enforcement to thoroughly search the property in hopes of bringing her sister home. 

"I felt like if I had to reach out and identify the property owner and get permission myself then I needed to go out myself because they obviously were in no rush to go out and do it their selves," Tullis said in an interview with FOX 35 last year. 

In early December, Marion County Search and Rescue and their cadaver dogs searched the property where Ebersole was last seen alive. 

She initially demanded Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies investigate the property for months; she even started a petition online. After months of combing through Ebersole’s social accounts and iCloud accounts, she still couldn’t track her sister down.

Morman is considered a person of interest in Ebersole's disappearance and is refusing to speak with detectives, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said. 

Detectives ask if anyone has any information on what may have happened to Ebersole to call Detective Stith at 352-368-3542.