What you need to know: The upcoming changes at Seaworld Orlando

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Seaworld Orlando is getting ready to roll out some exciting new changes for the summer. 

One of the upcoming additions to the park is a new show featuring the theme of bubbles. Inside the Magic's Jennilynn Knopp says that the park "centered the whole show around the theme of bubbles. The bubble master comes in and he does impressive things with bubbles." 

Another of the big changes is the renovation of the Kraken roller coaster. The amazing coaster is the same track wise, but is different sight wise, as there is now a virtual reality overlay. You can choose to not wear the virtual glasses, but if you do, you will be taken through a world underneath the water with mythical creatures and the city of Atlantis. 

In addition, the story is changing some. The blue and purple eel is being dismantled. Now, there will be a female squid, who protects the city of Atlantis. This will allow the park to intertwine the story of the Kraken ride with the Journey of Atlantis ride. 

The Kraken ride will debut on June 16th.

There is also a nighttime show, called Electric Ocean, coming to Seaworld Orlando. The show will feature a DJ, music, fireworks, and light performers. It will be somewhat similar to a firework fountain show. This will debut on June 17th. 

There will be something for every type of theme park fan at Seaworld this summer.