'We’re grateful': National Guard rescues more than 200 in Kissimmee from rising floodwaters

The National Guard worked to evacuate people from a Kissimmee neighborhood that was experiencing major flooding this weekend.

The National Guard rescued more than 200 people from the Shingle Creek Reserve at The Oaks community in Kissimmee on Saturday. The neighborhood was experiencing major flooding as water was coming up the manholes.

Many in the area were surprised they were just now experiencing flooding like this — days after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida.

"Ultimately what happened is that this subdivision has an outfall into Shingle Creek because the water levels went up, Shingle Creeks’ water pushed backwards and traveled in reverse through the stormwater system," said Austin Blake the Assistant City Manager in Kissimmee. "This water is coming from the manhole covers and is what flooded the streets."

Many families were feeling thankful the National Guard was able to rescue them from their homes and help them evacuate to safety.

"We’re grateful that they’re here, and we were able to leave, because we couldn’t leave with our cars," said one resident.