Wekiwa Springs Park may get more funding for roads

New funding could give roads around Wekiwa Springs State Park major improvements if passed.

Visitors say the entrance to the park is often packed with cars, with some even lining up outside the park in the street. Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore said it’s created safety issues for commuters. 

“When they take up all of the traffic lanes, folks are driving in the grass, they’re driving in the suicide lane, and the Orange County sheriff has been called over and over again,” Moore said.

Commissioner Moore has been working with lawmakers to secure $1,000,000 in the state’s budget to improve the road. That could include widening lanes and creating reservation parking to avoid backups.

“It could be four extra lanes to get in," Moore said. "It could be extended turn lanes, it could be an online reservation system."

The bill is part of the budget being sent to Gov. DeSantis' desk. They're confident that he will approve the spending.