'We love you and miss you': 49 angels remembered in Pulse Remembrance Ceremony

The Orlando community gathered to remember the 49 who lost their lives at the Pulse nightclub six years ago Sunday.

The names of the 49 angels who lost their lives in the Pulse nightclub shooting were read aloud outside the Pulse Memorial Sunday as it's been six years since the tragedy.

"To our beautiful angels, we love you and miss you, keep dancing," said Pulse Survivor Amanda Grau.

Those who were at Pulse when the shots rang out six years ago, shared their stories of survival. Grau was shot for times and is now working as an EMT.

"The tragedy that changed my life, also pushed me into my life passion. I knew I wanted to save people like the EMT and paramedics that saved me," said Grau.

Michael Morales lost his fiancé Martin Benitez that tragic night. Morales was also at Pulse that night and thanks the angel who saved him.

"When I opened my eyes, there was an officer right in front of me. And I said ‘hey I’m alive take me out of here,’ and he dragged me out. That’s the only reason I'm alive," Morales said.

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón says this shows how strong the Orlando community is.

"49 souls were taken, but thousands of people were effected by their loss," said Chief Rolón. "But it’s also a reminder of how caring, giving and embracing our community is."

The Orlando community, and survivors are showing the world that the 49 angels will never be forgotten, and hate will never win.

"Despite the horrors I saw that night, shot twice, and still have a metal rod in my leg, I’m not a survivor," said Patience Murray, who was at Pulse that night. "I’m a champion, because I faced a challenge and I succeeded."