WATCH: Tubi Super Bowl commercial fooled viewers into thinking someone sat on remote

A Tubi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl left many terrified that someone in their home had changed the channel during the intense Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles game Sunday night.

The prank ad called "Interface Interruption" appeared on TV screens when most thought the game had returned from a commercial break.

FOX Sports commentators Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen were seen welcoming audiences back from the break when it appeared someone had grabbed a TV remote, exited out of the Super Bowl game, and scrolled over to the Tubi Free Movies and TV app and selected the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie to watch. 

It turns out, it was just a commercial. In case you missed it, you can watch it below:

The commercial sent many people on social media into a frenzy.


"Tubi got everyone's kids yelled at tonight," one Twitter user wrote. "I thought I was hacked," another said.

"No, you didn't sit on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday, we fooled audiences into thinking they did. Discover all of this content and more on Tubi," the company said in a statement.

Tubi, a division of FOX Entertainment, is a free and ad-supported on-demand streaming app with over 45,000 movies and TV shows, including a growing library of Tubi Originals, 200 local and live news and sports channels, and 400+ entertainment partners, featuring content from every major Hollywood studio, according to its website.