WATCH: Dolphin circles delighted swimmers at Florida beach

A friendly dolphin was spotted circling a group of delighted swimmers at a Florida beach recently – and it was caught on camera. 

Tammy Hines was with her family on the pier at Fort Myers Beach last week when she saw the dolphin swimming around some people in the water below.

"My 9-year-old was ecstatic as we watched from above," she wrote on Facebook. 

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Hines told FOX 35 News that the dolphin was playing with one little boy at first and then the crowd came out and the dolphin began swimming around all of them. 

The dolphin played for about 10 minutes before swimming away. 

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The video has been shared and viewed thousands of times on social media. 

"I think it’s so cool that I did a video that people have enjoyed and that was cool," Hines said.