Watch: Alleged street racer speeds down Florida interstate, spins out, and crashes

Video sent to FOX 35 shows the driver of a silver Porsche speeding past another vehicle during rush hour traffic on Interstate 4 Wednesday, before attempting to change lanes and then spins out of control.

The driver of the Porsche was unable to maintain control and creates a mini cloud of smoke, before crashing into the interstate wall.

Adam Ibrahim was on the interstate and caught the moment on his mounted dash camera.

"I was more in awe that I was witnessing an accident because typically you don’t see the actual accident," he told FOX 35 in an interview.

Ibrahim said he saw that Porsche speed up on him and a white Honda, which is also seen in the video. Following the crash, he said the driver of the Honda and the driver of a pickup truck pulled over to see if the people inside the Porsche were OK.

"There were two people in the Porsche and they’re both OK," said Ibrahim. "In fact, they were almost smiling. I guess they didn’t realize what just happened."

Watch the dash-cam video below.

Florida Highway Patrol did respond to the crash site, but the driver of the Porsche had already driven away, a spokesperson for the agency said.

"A witness called in and told us where we can find the Porsche at the Race Track on Lee Road, but no driver and nobody was around," said Lt. Kim Montes, spokeswoman for Florida Highway Patrol. 

Ibrahim's video actually helped FHP piece together the facts of what happened during the crash. Before FOX 35 shared it with them, the agency had not seen it.

FHP believes it was another incident of street racing on Florida roadways, and proves that drivers are becoming bolder with their actions.

"They are not out doing it at 2 o’clock in the morning anymore. They’re doing it out where you drive, where I drive. It’s dangerous for these people who are driving out there and for any innocent party that may become a victim," said Montes. 

No one was reportedly hurt in Wednesday's crash, but that is not always the case.

That same night, two people were struck by a vehicle on Lee Road. One of them is hospitalized in critical condition.

People can report aggressive and dangerous driving to Florida Highway Patrol at *FHP (*347).