Want stronger core muscles? Try 10 minutes on this machine

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The first time Douglas Burris climbed on the AllCore360 Therapy and Training System as part of Shepherd Center's Beyond Therapy program, it hit him.

This was tough.

"I broke a sweat real quick," Burris says.

Three times a week, the 56-year old Tennessee architect, working his back from a spinal cord injury suffered in an ATV accident, is tilted back.

Then, holding his core muscles tight, he spins, rotating in what felt like a slow-motion 360-degree plank.

"The "slowly" part is the painful part," Burris says. "I wish it went around a little bit quicker."

This is ten times harder than your standard sit up.

"Because you're constantly having to shift your muscles tightness around your core, and you find out exactly where you're weak or strong," Burris says.

Shepherd Center exercise specialist Josh Zotnick says he heard about this machine from a patient using it. 

Intrigued, decided to go try it.

"I immediately knew, as soon as they tilted me back, I could feel my muscles kick on and I was, like, 'Okay, this thing is legit," Zotnick remember.

Atlanta chiropractor Scott Bertrand developed the AllCore360 after suffering 2 back injuries. 

He donated a machine to Shepherd Center, to give patients a 10-minute, easy access way to rebuild their core strength.

But, Bertrand says, we all need to build up our core muscles.

We just don't know how to do it.

"When we descend on LA Fitness January 1st, 99% of us didn't go in there for our calves," Bertrand says.  "We went in there because we're unhappy with our waistline. There has been nothing new in the waistline training for 40 years."

He believes the AllCore360 is a breakthrough people are searching for.

After 4 or 5 sessions, Douglas Burris says this slow, steady spin is paying off.

"I'm getting stronger week by week," Burris says.  "I wouldn't say day by day, but week by week, I'm making progress."