Walmart offering trucking jobs at $90K

Walmart needs to hire 900 new truckers, so they're boosting their salaries, in hopes of hiring more people and keeping current drivers.You can earn about $90,000 a year. 

Walmart says they have 8,000 drivers that travel over 700 million miles to deliver merchandise. They're looking for experienced drivers.

"We've seen pay increases occurring all across the industry. And people like Walmart offering better pay to the drivers is better for the students."

Brad Ball is president of Roadmaster Drivers school.

"There's been a shortage across the industry. The average age of truck drivers is 49 years old so we have a lot of people retiring out of the industry."

He says you have to be 21 years old to start a career as a truck driver.

"The opportunity to go to school for only a few short weeks and become a driver is unlike any other opportunity that's out there."

If you enjoy being out on the road, this could be a job opportunity for you. Walmart says a driver needs 30 months of experience and a clean driving record.