Voter turnout is up in Orange County, with an increase in early-voting and voting-by-mail, official says

On Tuesday, people in Orange County went to the polls to cast their ballot for the 2020 primary election.

While some people have stayed away from polling places amid the pandemic, Sarah Grafton felt comfortable visiting her precinct at First Baptist Church in Maitland. The mom of three told FOX 35 that “I knew this would be pretty quick in and out and there wouldn’t be a whole lot of interaction."

The Supervisor of Elections added that there was a significant jump in vote-by-mail ballots and early voting. He said that probably has led to fewer people voting in person. He explained that "we moved people from polling place to early and to vote by mail as the national conversation has been."

However, he confirmed that overall voter turnout has not dwindled. In fact, he said it has surpassed the primary election in 2016.

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Grafton said that this year an emotional election cycle, stating that “I think this is a very passionate election. I think no matter which way you lean you’re very passionate about how you feel and what you’re voting for."

Some changes people noticed at the polls were plexiglass between voters and workers, along with social distancing markers on the ground. Voters also asked to bring their own PPE and pens.

“Everybody was recommended to bring their own pen,” explained Grafton. "There were pens there if you forgot to bring one. And they were sanitized and you dropped your pen off at the end.”

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