Volusia sheriff hopeful gun bill is first step

Governor Rick Scott signed a gun safety bill into law on Friday, allocating $99 million dollars for school districts to make schools safer. 

"I'm all for what he has done," said Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood of Governor Scott signing the bill, "but now he has to go to the next level. This, in no way, is going to solve our problem. This a band-aid, but it's a start."

Chitwood said while the bill is bringing school security to the forefront, the money the bill will dole out, is only going to go so far.

"The way I read the figures, we're going to get $1.6 million. It's just not going to do the job, just to put a School Resource Officer at every school is $9.7 million."

Chitwood said he has an idea how to make up that $8 million difference and streamline the funds necessary to secure all 77 schools in the county.

"Do we do a quarter cent sales tax, half cent sales tax, a tourist tax? There's got to be a way to sustain that without taxing the homeowners."

Currently, there are 27 law enforcement officers assigned to schools in the county, leaving the majority of campuses unsecured. 

Sheriff Chitwood said the state can't lose momentum in protecting students.

"Now let's get together, and find out a funding stream to make this happen not for a year, not for two years. We have the ability here to protect our children and teachers for generations. Let's not let it slip through our fingers."

The sheriff said he is trying to get all the mayors in the county together, to come up with a long term funding solution for school security.