Volusia County teacher arrested for allegedly slapping student with autism in face: Deputies

A teacher at River Springs Middle School in Volusia County was arrested after she was seen slapping a non-verbal autistic student in the face on Feb. 8, deputies said. 

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) said 49-year-old Kelly Falcon forcibly grabbed the 11-year-old student by his arms and legs, according to an arrest affidavit. Another teacher observed Falcon reportedly slap the child in the face. 

The incident was also recorded on video surveillance. A deputy watching the footage said the child turned around to grab a water bottle off of the table. Falcon was seen grabbing the child by the arm and turning him back around before reaching his left arm towards his back. She then aggressively grabbed the child and began to yank his arm. 

Deputies said the child attempted to get up from the table, but Falcon forcibly held him down. She yanked him again and then slapped him in the face. 

When interviewed by deputies, Falcon said she was trying to stop the student from touching his diaper who began to kick her. She said she began to hold him down and then said she "might have hit him" because he was in her face. 

Volusia County Schools released a statement on the incident on Twitter. 

Falcon bonded out of jail after her arrest.