Volusia County schools to vote on back-to-school reopening plan on Tuesday

The Volusia County School Board is expected to vote on its back-to-school plan on Tuesday.

The board met virtually for hours last week trying to lock down a final plan.  The board has voted on an August 31 start date for classes.

At the same time, parents and teachers protested.

"It's not safe right now," said teacher Amy Beckman. "I've personally lost someone to COVID. She passed back in March. And she was at a school function."

The district is looking at three options for parents to choose from:

  • Traditional classroom learning: Students will return to campus with safety protocols like temperature checks in place.
  • Volusia Live: Similar to normal school but online. This option allows students to take online classes while at home and receive face-to-face lessons in real time. 
  • Learn at your own pace: This option allows students to stay at home and learn on their own schedules. 

 Other school districts are also finalizing their back-to-school plan.

Lake County pushed back its school start date to August 24. Parents have until Friday to make a decision.

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Parents in Orange and Seminole counties also have until Friday to select an option for their child.

Volusia County’s school board meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. FOX 35 News will bring you updates on what happens during the meeting as soon as we get them.