Volusia County hits 30 school threats since the Parkland school shooting

There has officially been 30 school threats in Volusia County since the Parkland school shooting.

This time, deputies say it was a 14-year-old from River Springs Middle School. They say the teen told classmates that he would shoot up the school on the last day. But now, the teen is telling deputies that he was joking.

However, he is still facing felony charges. Students as young as 11 and and as old as 17 are facing felony charges for similar school threats in Volusia County.

The sheriff's office says that the cost of each investigation into these threats is more than $1,000 each time. Sheriff Mike Chitwood says that they take every threat seriously.

Chitwood went on to say that the students and their families are being held responsible for the cost of investigating each suspicious incident.