Vigil held for Winter Park teen who died in park

Around 100 people attended a vigil for Roger Trindade, the Winter Park High School student who died one month ago, after a fight in Central Park.

For many, it's painful dealing with his loss.  Lucas Kachny, 11, was a close friend.

"He was a very good friend, it's very hard to put in my head that he's dead," he said.

His mother, Fernanda Kachny, added, "It's been a month and feels like it's been many years."

Police said a group of teenagers got into a fight at the park, but no charges have been filed.   Officers have been waiting on autopsy results, to determine exactly how the 15-year-old Trindade died.  

The flowers and toys that once covered a temporary memorial at the park are gone.  The city said the items were removed at the request of the victim's family.

"The teddy bears, ball, pencils, the deck of cards that Roger liked to play magic tricks are all at the family's apartment," said Fernanda.  "Everything's there inside Roger's bedroom."

Many were upset that fresh flowers from the memorial were taken away.  Winter Park resident Sandy Womble said it just hurts this community even more.

"I saw them myself," Womble said.  "They weren't wilted, and they were taken away hours later. It's just insensitive to me that the city would do something like that.  They need to respect the Trindade Family and allow him, his friends and family members to grieve and allow him to be remembered. Don't try to sweep this under the rug."

Trindade's mother and father have returned to their native Brazil, where they have placed the ashes of their son.  Lucas said he'll miss Roger.  

"He was funny, he told jokes, and he liked flipping the bottle and liked doing magic tricks."

Both Fernanda and Lucas hope they get answers soon.

"Justice for Roger, that whoever did that gets what he deserve. He was really an angel. He was so good with children."